Wednesday, June 22, 2011

List of Recruiting Companies at NIT Agartala

The following list is not that of any IITs or BITS. This is the list of recruiting companies at NIT Agartala for the batch 2007-11.
This list gives the dates, name of companies, no. of students recruited and package given.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tripura is a small state, in North-Eastern region of our country, surrounded by Bangladesh for 3 sides. Being located in the most remote place of the country, the existence of this place is often forgotten by people, and have no idea about what-or-not happens there. And this makes people to start assuming wrong things about a place like that of Tripura. To know more, please visit:

NIT AGARTALA, is an elite college which has its students all around the globe working in big institutes, companies and research centers, since it was established in the year 1965 as Tripura Engineering College; and transformed to NIT in 2006. This college has a good infrastructure from Technical studies point-of-view as because it is not a new college. It has a very strong faculty teams that has been a heritage of the college. Being situated at the most remote place of the country, this college was never devoid of challenges; but the good thing is that it has overcomes all hurdles to become a ranking college of India. Though the college has built a massive infrastructure under Government of Tripura(states) till 2006; but soon after it became a NIT, it has (as obvious) been undertaken by Government of India. And with this support the college is day-by-day getting better and is all set to become a global hub for technical studies like those of other NITs, BITS, IITs etc.

Though most people outside Tripura don't know anything about the place and its people; hope the following information help you out to know some facts about that place.
In Tripura, almost 70% of total population are Bengalis and rest are tribes. Predominently Bengali (and kokborok) are the main languages. It is more or less like that of West Bengal (but has no frequent strikes and bandhs like WB). The people there have a simple living style and so is the city and the towns. But the place has everything for anyone may require to live and study here for 4 or 5 years. Green and almost clean place like that is unique in India. The most attractive thing about Agartala is its night-life. In many big cities in India (because of increasing crimes) has prevented public from staying late at night. But in Agartala things are quite different. You go anywhere anyplace at anytime without any worries, all you have to do is you should know where are you going and the way to come back.
Although decency is important, but there people don't have any problems with dress-code and clothing of outsider. People are not stubborn or mean or anything that may cause you to think before coming to this place. And when it comes to language as a medium of communication (almost all people likes watching Hindi movies) i.e. you can use Hindi to express yourself. One interesting thing that you should note, is that the Bengali that is spoken here is different from that of West Bengal, making it quite easy to pronounce and to learn. Many of my friends who are studying  there, tells me that students from UP, Bihar, Delhi.etc learns the local language within 3 or 4 months. So language cannot be a barrier for anyone who know Hindi(or English).  And regarding food and stuffs almost all type of food are available here. So, whether you are  a north or a south Indian, food will not be a problem for you (Rice is the main food there). Though there may be many other things, that you would like to know but is not mentioned here, but I can assure that, living and studying here won't be a problem for you. 

But when it comes to transportation, please note that your father should be that much rich that he can afford you with flights, as this is the only way  to get there. Hope this is enough for you make an idea about the place and its people. So, all the best for your future and enjoy every moment of it.

Note: Though i have mentioned engineering college many times, this couple of information can be same applied for the Medicals students also those who are seeking admission here.